Ahad, 8 Jun 2014

Review Novel,Ku Kejar Kau Lari


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Today,I would like to tell you about one novel i had read.Name of the novel is Ku Kejar Kau Lari,written by Raihan Zaffya.First,l haved hear about this novel from the written in facebook.She was kind to me.Me to.*Hahaha.

Back to story,i want to give you a little bit about this novel.Nadira was heroin in this novel.She was taken/foster to rich family.Mrs. Suzi want to get a daughter.But, she can't.There have a story for it.So,she and her husband,Mr.Daniel foster Nadirah when Nadira were 8 years old.Nadira force to be seperate from her friend,Zariq,Tajol,Busyra,Midi,Cik Ah,Haji Embong and Mak Som.She very sad to get away from al-mustaqim.But,she must.After 10 year,Nadirah meet with her old friend at Cameron Highlands.She don't expect at all to meet them.Nadira present may hurt her old friend.To get a more story about this novel.Get it in bookstore near your house.Read it yourself to get more enjoy.

p/s : I want to say sorry to you all.Actually, I don't better in English.To help me, you can give your comment for me.Sorry again for my broken English.Thanks a lot for reading this entry! 


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